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Lily Necklace

Lily - Latin: Lilium. "A lily flower."
A girl named for the beautiful lily-of-the-valley.
Blonde mother of pearl faceted beads, topaz Czech glass, golden glass seeds, unknown various semi-precious stone beads and pendant


Penguin Pendant

Penguin; vintage mother of pearl penguin pendant; new matte gold chain


Crista Earrings

Crista - Spanish. "Appointed one."
Peacock toned czech glass, vintage gold hourglass


Levina Earrings

Levina - Middle English: Levene "A flash, lightning." A beautiful girl whose presence could light up the darkest day.
Vintage black, amber pewter stacked beads; black chain


Hera Earrings

Hera - Latin: Hera. "Ruling lady; queen."
Hera was the Greek queen of heaven, the wife of Zeus.
Brass filigree, smoky quartz faceted drop


Marina Necklace

Marina - Latin: Marina. "Of the sea."
Large mother of pearl ring, adjustable silver-tone chain


Cypris Earrings

Cypris - Greek: Kipris. "From the island of Cyprus."
Vintage brass filigree, green cloisonne~, Czech glass


Pepita Necklace

Pepita - Spanish, from Hebrew: "she shall be fruitful."
Vintage china pendant, jade, carnelian, rock crystal, orange floral dangle


Cecilia Necklace

Cecilia - Latin: Caecilia. "Dim-sighted one."
Unknown burgundy vintage stone pendant gold-tone double chain


Ruby Necklace

Ruby - Old French: Rubi. “The ruby gem."
Tiger's eye pendant, reclaimed vintage gold filigree/ faux ruby charm, gold-tone chain


Leaf Pendant

Leaf; vintage abalone/sterling pendant; new matte silver chain


Orchid Pendant

Orchid; vintage orchid pendant; new matte rose gold chain


Eleanor Earrings

Eleanor - Old French: Elienor. "Light." An old form of Helen. A woman who disbursed knowledger;
Mid-century-inspired dangle, rose quartz beads and brass chain


Thalassa Earrings

Thalassa - Greek: Thalassa. "From the sea."
Matte gold filigree chain, mother of pearl leaf


Angelica Earrings

Angelica - Latin: Angelicus. "Angelic one." An idealistic concept of the perfect woman.
Vintage brass filigree, mother of pearl, cherry quartz drop


Duana Earrings

Duana - Irish Gaelic: Dubhain. "Little dark one," or Irish Gaelic: Duan. "Song."
Vintage pewter filigree bell and ball, amber Czech crystal, black Czech glass


Enrica Earrings

Enrica - Italian: Enrica. "Ruler of an estate or home." Queen of her domicile. The Italian feminine form of Henry.
Teal faux pearl, gold filigree


Maude Necklace

Maude - Old German: Mat-Hilde "Mighty battle-maiden."
black, lime, clear glass discs, gold chain and wire pendant


Beven Earrings

Beven - Irish Gaelic: Bebhinn. "Melodious lady."
A singer with a voice so sweet that wild birds stopped to listen.
Brass circle,black czech glass rondelles, peridot drops


Sophia Necklace

Sophia - Greek: "Wisdom."
" 'Tis wise to learn; 'tis god-like to create." -J.G. Saxe.
Gold-tone chain, embossed pewter, embossed white/black acrylic, gold irregular bead


Isa Earrings

Isa - Old German: Isan. "Iron-willed one." A determined lady with a resolute will.
Pewter & white resin, gold chain


Hester Earrings

Hester - Greek: Aster. "Star."
purple and white resin, gold chain


Rose Necklace

Rose - Greek: Rhodos. "A rose."
Rose quartz pear drops, blackened sterling flower pendant, blackened sterling suspended chain, chain dangled vintage tear drop pearl, vintage beads


Hattie Necklace

Hattie - French: Henriette. "A state or home ruler."
A feminine form of Henry.
Long copper chain with clear art glass with sparkly swirl in alternating round and oval beads

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