For just a little peek, ankle socks are your go-to for a gentle breeze

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Ada Flower Socks

We're bringing the 80's back with these beautiful dark flower print socks. Also available as tights.


Enya Socks

The cutest graphic pinstripe ankle sock. Reminds us of a vintage baseball uniform! Play ball...if only in your backyard.


Silk Toe Liner Socks

Customers love to wear these under their hiking socks to reduce friction and prevent blisters. Or maybe you want to wear in your thong sandals. Or do a little yoga. Or feel like you are wearing pretty pink gloves on your feet ...


Diamond Birdseye Shortie Cotton

These comfortable anklets in a fun, graphic design combining tiny diamonds and our popular birdseye patterns are sure to become a favorite in your sock drawer.


Stripes Anklet Cotton

Two bold, graphic athletic stripes give this anklet the right amount of attitude and coverage. These anklets are sure to become a favorite in your sock drawer.


Floral Anklet Cotton

Our feminine floral now comes in a sassy anklet length. Playful color stories peek out of clogs and boots. Spring isn't so far away after all. These anklets are sure to become a favorite in your sock drawer.


3046 Fishnet Anklet w. Rhinestone Flower

Dazzle them and stop them in their tracks. Wear with a heel, a sandal or peeking out of an ankle boot


3013 Anklet Lace Ruffle White

Get a little flirty with these girly ruffled ankle socks


Ebba Pom-Pom Socks

Our take on the classic, fun and playful pom poms you wore when you were younger. We promise you Ebba will become your new favourite sock!


Sneaker Socks

A wider band with a simple and clean finish. Designed not to leave marks on your skin, like a rubber band. The perfect height made with a cotton blend, this breathable sock is perfectly suited for your favorite sneakers!


Tipped Rib Shortie Cashmere

Simple and sophisticated, our tipped rib shortie socks provide classic comfort with snug ribbing. Ideal for lounging or in a clog.


Ciliegia Anklet

These shimmery anklets with a delicate cherry blossom pattern are sure to dazzle in a sandal!

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