1 Hosiery 101
1.1 What is a denier? I see numbers such as 40, 80, etc printed on hosiery packages

Denier refers to the weight of the fabric. The higher the denier, the thicker, more opaque and serviceable tights are. Lower deniers will be more sheer, delicate and formal. Our lowest denier tight is 8 and will give a slight airbrushed effect and highest, most opaque is 250 with 80 being the most popular selling denier.

1.2 What size am I? I don't like tights too tight

European hosiery comes in 4 or 5 sizes and there's a chart with height and weight. If you are on the cusp then go to the next size in a footed tight but in a footless tight it is your choice...the smaller will just be more sheer as it stretches and will possibly be a bit shorter on the ankle. Please don't go up 2 sizes if you've had bad luck with a lesser quality tight in the past... we want you to wear the correct size and can help you find the right one.    

1.3 What can do to help keep my tights snag-free?

Filing your nails, applying lotion ORRR... skip all that and put a thin pair of gloves on! Even with having the freshest manicure we sometimes catch the knit pulling them on. I like to use unlined leather gloves as they have a really good grip to them. When visiting the ladies room through the day, we are unlikely to wear the gloves but I make final adjustment Through my skirt fabric.

Laundering gently: We recommend hand-washing with a product like Soak in a wash-bin with tepid water. It's super fast and easy...only 20 minutes of soaking and no rinsing! Squeeze, then just drape to dry (on a hanger, on a towel-bar, on your husband's shoulder, on the shower-curtain rod like Janet & Chrissy did...). If you do have an agitator-free washer, then gentle cycle, cold-water is fine but please use a mesh wash-bag if you don't want a tangled ball of nylon.

Staying away from velcro! Some shoe manufacturers use velcro instead of buckles and that is absolute murder on knits. Apply shoes like that carefully;) I ride my bike in tights all the time but my bike bag also has velcro so I make sure it's closed before I carry it!

1.4 I don't want bare feet in the winter which means I need a tight with a foot

Footless tights have so much versatility! I think there's a place for both footed and footless tights in one's wardrobe. If you need an uninterrupted line in a more formal pump then definitely a footed tight is in order. But a footless tights can be worn in  warmer months with a barefoot and sandal (or a liner and ballet flat) and in the cooler months, feel free to slip on a cozy sock and an ankle boot. You also get more wear out of a footless as the toes are the first to go...!  

1.5 Why should I purchase $30.00 tights from a boutique when I can buy $8.00 ones from the drugstore? Aren't they all going to run and need replacing?

  I find you usually get what you pay for in most things unless you are just paying for the brand of a popular designer.

Most European hosiery lines are worth it...I always say they take their hosiery very seriously! This is why they also fit correctly when you follow the guide and purchase your size. Some legs are "boarded" which means they are blocked with steam on leg-shaped forms rather than just being droopy tubes. These have the most divine fit as they are actually shaped like you! 

Cheaper tights are usually not sheer-to-the-waist which limits shorter skirt/short wearing and let's face it sheer to waist is sexier...

Quality control: Better quality tights inspected, measured and ironed and less likely of getting into the package without being ready to wear.

Less bulky toe-seams and stretchier waistbands mean more comfort and better quality nylons mean better breathability  and they just feel silkier.


So if you take care of your tights and treat them right, you will end up spending less and helping the planet more!

1.6 I'm going to a wedding. Everyone seems to wear bare legs these days to dressed-up events. Why should I wear hosiery?

What a wonderful opportunity to wear something magical! Traditional wedding guest attire mandates respectful, uplifting clothing such as floral dresses, chiffon bias-cuts or other feminine flavours. Feminine, not sexy. As it most likely will take place in a house of worship and a unification is a serious thing, that's where the respectful comes in. That means appropriate hemlines, not too much cleavage and no loud, garish colours that will distract from the bride and her party. A lightweight denier 8 or 15 sheer will suffice or go for something delicately floral or crocheted. If wearing black, it's especially important to keep things light and float-y but again, not overtly sexy. (BTW:A lightweight denier will just makes your legs look airbrushed in the photo later which is the biggest lasting bonus!)   

1.7 My tights are too short and they sag at the crotch...it's the most distracting feeling! What can I do?

You cannot go about your day if you are thinking about your tights! (Unless you are thinking about how fabulous they are). My mother always told me if they just don't sit close then slip another pair of underwear Over-top. I like the little thigh-saver shorts that have become popular in recent years to pop on over...plus I ride my bike to work so they give that extra coverage for warmth or modesty. (I try to keep those stocked in the shop BTW).

2 Protective Masks
2.1 Why should I wear a mask?

Medical researchers have found that spittle from your mouth can travel in upwards of 3000 micro-droplets which are expelled in a single cough at a rate of 80km/h.

Sneezing, coughing, and talking all sends droplets of spittle travelling at accelerating rates

Wearing a mask helps protects others. As we don't neccesarily know if we have a virus as we are not exhibiting symptoms, we should assume we may carry it, and can pass it along to others more vulnerable.

Masks must fit your face correctly and encapsulate both your mouth And your nose to help block those droplets from travelling to others.

Let's all do our part and stop the spread!