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Dottie Pindot Tights

From our White Label line, the classic Dottie Pindot Tights will make you feel prim and proper anytime you need a not-so-bold look. They will also easily mix with any printed dress, so are great for travel as they will go with everything in your carry-on!


Ellipse Net Tights

Destined to be a best-seller, these bold Ellipse Net Tights from our White Label line offer no apologies for their unique oval design. For an extra spicy look, try popping a bright red or mustard tight underneath and go to town.


Morning Star Tights

We are so enamoured with these star-patterned tights! From our White Label line, the Morning Star Tights are named after Danica, the forever youthful owner of De Mode En Vogue. Add a pair to your young-at-heart wardrobe and feel like a rock star!


Loren Seamed Tights

From our White Label line and named for our favourite Italian starlet that never ages, the Loren Seamed Tight is all that is exotic and mysterious. One of our popular styles, yes, it takes a little effort to line a seam up, but now you have legs for days


Stardust Glitter Tights

From a galaxy not too far away come the Stardust Glitter Tights , here to brighten your evening with a little sparkle. Another amazing pair you can collect from our White Label line!


T.I.G.H.T.S. (Tips I Gave Her, That's Smart!)

Tip #3!
26 Aug 2021

Tip #1!
26 Aug 2021

Tip #2!
26 Aug 2021