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Nordic Perform Warm Merino Socks

Celebrating the beautiful patterns of Scandinavian history, Nordic Wools' fine merino blend socks are designed to keep your feet toasty and fresh in all environments whether you are lounging at home or hiking in the wilderness.
Made in Ukraine.


Kute Kitties

Soft as a fluffy kitten, these warm and fuzzy socks will curl around your feet and leave you purring with pleasure. Whether you are a cat person or not, you will enjoy our Kute Kitties socks day or night. They are as adorable and cute, as socks can get.


Frosted Swirls

Our Frosted Swirls design resembles the delicate patterns of crystals, created in ice during subzero temperatures and often is seen on the frozen lakes, streams, and rivers of Europe. It is fascinating to watch nature shape such beautiful and delicate des


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26 Aug 2021

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