Ellice and Her Necklace


              Ellice and Her Necklace is the name Danica Wilcox came up with because she wanted to use her second name and have people imagine a charming, quirky girl selecting the jewellery to start her day. She was inspired by the time years earlier that she worked making custom jewellery in her friend's bridal boutique and they would pick up random items off the studio workbench and say: "You want me to make a necklace out of that?" and they would laugh and laugh. (I guess you had to be there;). 


Even more years before that, while at her former Calgary vintage boutique, she would frantically search the jewellery section to find the perfect compliment to an outfit she was styling her customer in. If it didn't exist, she would design one on the spot and have it made.  


Inspired by jewellery from the Edwardian and Art Deco eras, she often uses vintage or other recycled components. Large statement earrings are the most fun to design and challenging to make lightweight. Semi-precious gems comfortably rub elbows with vintage acrylic while sparkly crystals easily mix with faux pearls. Because of the vintage component, designs are often one-off or very limited.                                                                                                                     


If you are looking for locally designed and made jewellery that is unique, Danica's designs can be found at her Fort St shop De Mode En Vogue artful legs & accoutrements in Victoria, BC Canada

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Lily Necklace

Lily - Latin: Lilium. "A lily flower."
A girl named for the beautiful lily-of-the-valley.
Blonde mother of pearl faceted beads, topaz Czech glass, golden glass seeds, unknown various semi-precious stone beads and pendant


Penguin Pendant

Penguin; vintage mother of pearl penguin pendant; new matte gold chain


Crista Earrings

Crista - Spanish. "Appointed one."
Peacock toned czech glass, vintage gold hourglass


Levina Earrings

Levina - Middle English: Levene "A flash, lightning." A beautiful girl whose presence could light up the darkest day.
Vintage black, amber pewter stacked beads; black chain


Hera Earrings

Hera - Latin: Hera. "Ruling lady; queen."
Hera was the Greek queen of heaven, the wife of Zeus.
Brass filigree, smoky quartz faceted drop


Marina Necklace

Marina - Latin: Marina. "Of the sea."
Large mother of pearl ring, adjustable silver-tone chain


Cypris Earrings

Cypris - Greek: Kipris. "From the island of Cyprus."
Vintage brass filigree, green cloisonne~, Czech glass


Pepita Necklace

Pepita - Spanish, from Hebrew: "she shall be fruitful."
Vintage china pendant, jade, carnelian, rock crystal, orange floral dangle


Cecilia Necklace

Cecilia - Latin: Caecilia. "Dim-sighted one."
Unknown burgundy vintage stone pendant gold-tone double chain


Ruby Necklace

Ruby - Old French: Rubi. “The ruby gem."
Tiger's eye pendant, reclaimed vintage gold filigree/ faux ruby charm, gold-tone chain


Leaf Pendant

Leaf; vintage abalone/sterling pendant; new matte silver chain


Orchid Pendant

Orchid; vintage orchid pendant; new matte rose gold chain


Eleanor Earrings

Eleanor - Old French: Elienor. "Light." An old form of Helen. A woman who disbursed knowledger;
Mid-century-inspired dangle, rose quartz beads and brass chain


Thalassa Earrings

Thalassa - Greek: Thalassa. "From the sea."
Matte gold filigree chain, mother of pearl leaf


Angelica Earrings

Angelica - Latin: Angelicus. "Angelic one." An idealistic concept of the perfect woman.
Vintage brass filigree, mother of pearl, cherry quartz drop


Duana Earrings

Duana - Irish Gaelic: Dubhain. "Little dark one," or Irish Gaelic: Duan. "Song."
Vintage pewter filigree bell and ball, amber Czech crystal, black Czech glass


Enrica Earrings

Enrica - Italian: Enrica. "Ruler of an estate or home." Queen of her domicile. The Italian feminine form of Henry.
Teal faux pearl, gold filigree


Maude Necklace

Maude - Old German: Mat-Hilde "Mighty battle-maiden."
black, lime, clear glass discs, gold chain and wire pendant


Beven Earrings

Beven - Irish Gaelic: Bebhinn. "Melodious lady."
A singer with a voice so sweet that wild birds stopped to listen.
Brass circle,black czech glass rondelles, peridot drops


Sophia Necklace

Sophia - Greek: "Wisdom."
" 'Tis wise to learn; 'tis god-like to create." -J.G. Saxe.
Gold-tone chain, embossed pewter, embossed white/black acrylic, gold irregular bead


Isa Earrings

Isa - Old German: Isan. "Iron-willed one." A determined lady with a resolute will.
Pewter & white resin, gold chain


Hester Earrings

Hester - Greek: Aster. "Star."
purple and white resin, gold chain


Rose Necklace

Rose - Greek: Rhodos. "A rose."
Rose quartz pear drops, blackened sterling flower pendant, blackened sterling suspended chain, chain dangled vintage tear drop pearl, vintage beads


Hattie Necklace

Hattie - French: Henriette. "A state or home ruler."
A feminine form of Henry.
Long copper chain with clear art glass with sparkly swirl in alternating round and oval beads

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