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Soak Wash 3 oz

Soak is perfect for your laciest lingerie, softest sweaters, baby clothes, quilts, swimwear, workout wear and all the laundry you love. love it. wear it. soak it.


Flatter Spray 3 oz

Flatter makes ironing easier. This starch-free smoothing spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics. It’s flat out fabulous! Flatter leaves fabric sleek, soft, and static-free. Plus, the mild formulation is easy on sensitive skin, and won’t harm the envi


Hand Sanitizer

When there's no soap, spray it on and rub it in - the 62% ethanol formulation kills germs and aloe leaf extract helps your skin stay hydrated. Keep a bottle in your purse or pocket for grocery runs, public transit trips, walking the dog, etc, etc...