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Cypris Earrings

Cypris - Greek: Kipris. "From the island of Cyprus."
Vintage brass filigree, green cloisonne~, Czech glass


Isa Earrings

Isa - Old German: Isan. "Iron-willed one." A determined lady with a resolute will.
Pewter & white resin, gold chain


Penny Earrings

Penny - Greek: Penelope. "Worker of the web; weaver."
In Greek myths, Penelope wove each day and unraveled the cloth at night.
Purple dyed mother of pearl discs, purple czech crystal, brass filigree, rose gold colour hook


Gloria Earrings

Gloria - Latin: "glory, glorious one."
Topaz-color Czech crystal, multi-color Czech crystal, gold-color chain


Helen Earrings

Helen - Greek: Helene. "Light; a torch."
Blush czech glass, rose gold chain


Florence Earrings

Florence - Latin: Florentia. "Blooming, flourishing, prosperous."
Black and white embossed bead, black Czech crystal, vintage black/silver Czech crystal, orange/silver metal rondell


Cordelia Earrings

Cordelia - Middle Welsh: Creiddylad. "Jewel of the sea;" Latin: "warm-hearted."
In Welsh legends Cordelia was the daughter of King Lear, ruler of the sea.
Handmade glass bead (periwinkle, purples, green), purple Czech crystal


Billie Earrings

Billie - Old English: Willa "Resolution; willpower."
Hematite hearts, gold-tone chain, vintage silver-tone finding