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Priscilla Necklace

Priscilla - Latin: “from past or primitive times; of ancient birth."
St. Priscilla was a Ist-century hostess to St. Peter at Rome.
Glass pearls, glass seed beads, blue czech crystal, blackened filigree, pewter filigree pendant


Lucy Necklace

Lucy - Latin: Lucia. "Light; bringer of light."
One who brings knowledge to humanity.
Re-designed Vintage carved rose quartz, vintage rose faux pearl, hematite, unknown multi grey stone


Pepita Necklace

Pepita - Spanish, from Hebrew: "she shall be fruitful."
Vintage china pendant, jade, carnelian, rock crystal, orange floral dangle


Zelda Necklace

Zelda - Old German: Grisja-hilde. “Gray battlemaiden."
A character in Boccaccio's Decameron.
Multi brown elongated oval unknown stones, bronze Czech glass


Doris Necklace

Doris - Greek: “from the ocean, bountiful." Also, Hawaiian: "from the sea."
In Greek mythology Doris was the daughter of Oceanus, god of the sea.
Ruby red rectangle vintage glass, alternating square and octagonal vintage glass


Rose Necklace

Rose - Greek: Rhodos. "A rose."
Rose quartz pear drops, blackened sterling flower pendant, blackened sterling suspended chain, chain dangled vintage tear drop pearl, vintage beads


Hattie Necklace

Hattie - French: Henriette. "A state or home ruler."
A feminine form of Henry.
Long copper chain with clear art glass with sparkly swirl in alternating round and oval beads


Ruby Necklace

Ruby - Old French: Rubi. “The ruby gem."
Tiger's eye pendant, reclaimed vintage gold filigree/ faux ruby charm, gold-tone chain


Lily Necklace

Lily - Latin: Lilium. "A lily flower."
A girl named for the beautiful lily-of-the-valley.
Blonde mother of pearl faceted beads, topaz Czech glass, golden glass seeds, unknown various semi-precious stone beads and pendant


Frances Necklace

Frances - Latin: Franciscus. "Free one," or "From France."
Gold-tone chain, embossed pewter, gold-tone filigree. Can be clasped and worn at any length! Can be worn in the front as a lariat/Y-chain.